My principal client since 2008-9 have been Wakefield’s Hamerex. Find out more about them at www.hamerex.com. I’m currently working on drafts for a forthcoming EP.

Here are the completed CD cover designs. Click each title for a detailed look, including sketches, drafts and in-progress shots.


Traitor (LP, 2016)

2016-07-28 12inch Cover composite face level mod 1024

The Last Ride (EP, 2015)

TLR Final Print res 5 +X-Margin 1024

IX (LP, 2013)

Booklet Title Page Yellow 1024

Rites of Passage (LP, 2011)

Rites of Passage Cover Web

The Lycan (EP, 2010)

The Lycan Cover Web

Into War (EP, 2009)

Into War cover 1024